A Primer on ‘Spanish Music': Part 1

The farther that I get from the family parties of my childhood, the more I can appreciate and enjoy music in Spanish. There was the time at 4AM when I tried to sleep next to a pulsing amplifier as my family danced the night away. There were the many times when as a shy kid, my older sister’s friends would try to get me to dance merengue. I always said no. This was never an option when my mom asked me to dance.

Those days are over! I can take a step back, and quietly enjoy the Salsa and merengue of my childhood, free from any loaded memories of youth. Gone are the cold shivers after hearing the first horn blasts of “Amores Como El Nuestro” (Famously remixed and played everywhere I went in France, like a cruel Salsa ghost, by Shakira and Wyclef Jean). But not only that, I’ve developed a passion for finding music that crosses genres and sounds much, much different than the Spanish music that filled my parents house. Music in Spanish is a huge treasure trove of genres, with many musicians playing music that wouldn’t sound out of place at the Brick House, 89 North or The Emporium. I’ll be exploring each of those genres with some historical context in the future.

Today I’ll be covering just a few of ‘The Classics’. You can click on the links to see what we have in Patchogue. I’m also including a small Spotify playlist with a few of the songs mentioned after the jump. If you like them, feel free to check them out from the library! Or come and ask me for some recommendations.

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Genealogy TV show continues this Sunday


“Who Do You Think You Are?” will continue this Sunday, Aug. 2, at 9 p.m. on the TLC channel.

This Sunday’s episode will feature J.K. Rowling (US premiere, originally aired in the UK). The famed Harry Potter author wishes to trace the French roots of her maternal side, having always been very close with her mother who’s passed away. She knows that her great-grandfather, Louis Volant, received the Legion d’honneur for his World War I efforts, but she doesn’t know why.

She discovers that a family war story might not be what she thought when military records reveal a surprising truth. Rowling also learns about her 2x great-grandmother, was not only a poor, single mother but also a witness to German invasion during wartime.

You can watch clips from past seasons on the show’s website at:

‘Who Do You Think You Are’ recap

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